Unexpected advantages of Quillbot and detailed review

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Quillbot application is a tool that helps paraphrase any piece of content by using state–of–the–art Al. The primary purpose of the application is to rephrase and restructure content. While keeping the essence of the content the same.

The primary purpose of Quilbott is to make writing painless and effortless. It further helps to meet the writing standards for the users. But what makes it different from competitors are the easy to use technology and features.it offers a lot of features, which are discussed below in this Quillbot review:

1. Ease to use :

it provides a clean environment to the users; hence anyone without any technical knowledge can operate it without difficulty.

2. Extension :

It offers extensions to google chrome, Microsoft word and google documents, making the work easier.

3. Accessibility :

It is web-based, and hence it is easily accessible from anywhere at any point in time.

4. Generous account storage :

Quillbot offers a generous amount of free storage to its users, even in the free version.

5. Grammar check :

There are several grammar check tools in the market, like Grammarly. The integrated Grammar check tool helps you rephrase your text and check that the translated text is grammatically correct. In this way, Quillbot stands out and provides integrated service to the users.

6. Pocket friendly :

Quillbot offers a free version to users who don’t wish to opt for premium plans. The free version provides you access to three modes that are ;

Standard: It is the default mode. It makes changes in your text that makes it look natural.

Fluency: This mode will make the slightest changes in your text and be grammatically correct.

Creative: As the name suggests, it will make maximum changes in the text and make it innovative compared to the original text.

These modes are sufficient if you are running on a tight budget.

However, Quillbot pricing is not too expensive if you opt for advanced plans.

Monthly plan: You will be charged $14.95 per month.

Semi-annual plan: If you choose to subscribe to a semi-annual plan, you need to pay $59.95 every month for six months. ($9.99 per month )

Annual plan: you have to pay $79.95 for an annual subscription.( $6.67 per month )

The content depends upon the model you choose, so choose wisely.

7.100 % money-back guarantee :

Quillbot provides a 100 % refund in 3 days if you are not satisfied with the service. This ensures the quality of service. 

8. Paraphrasing, summarising and citation generation :

Quillbot can use the summarising tool in Quillbot to extract meaningful information from the data.

There are two available methods :

key sentences: This mode grabs the input and gives you the most important sentences.

Paragraph: It will take the input text and summarise it into a paragraph. It creates natural texts in the form of sections.

Quillbot also has an inbuilt feature of a citation generator.

9.AI powered thesaurus :

The built-in thesaurus will automatically suggest the synonym based on the context f the text.

This feature helps you to make your content sound natural and relatable.

10. compare mode :

One of the features that premium subscribers get is compare mode that allows them to compare the difference in applying different methods. This helps save time as you can quickly get an overview of the context and pick the model that suits you the best.

Quillbot is a one-stop solution in terms of practical results and affordability. The application is constantly coming up with new features and settings for the ease of the user and a better experience. 

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