How does the Online Teacher Training Course assist teachers in their learning? 

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As strenuous the nature of teaching as a career is, needless to say, it demands adequately mapped professional courses for the teachers as well. The Online Teacher Training course assists teachers and lecturers in their process of learning. Teachers are usually the ones who are at the helm of determining and shaping the future that their students hold. Hence, teaching as a profession would require one to put themselves in the shoes of a learner initially. Teachers must accept online as well as its traditional alternative which is the physical mode of learning as the new normal. 

The Online Teacher Training Program and the course provides aid and assistance to teachers and succours them with a more beneficial and efficient form of learning. 

The National education policy 2021 (implemented) brings about various swaps, changes and alternates to the earlier method of teaching in schools. It promotes methods other than examinations to assess the potential of students. 

Online Teacher Training Course 

Online Teacher Training courses allow teachers to have a hold on wide horizons of teaching practice and interactive workshops or activities for that matter. It strengthens their administrative and collaborative abilities. 

Another important role played by Online Teacher Training Courses is that they expand and lengthen knowledge of the teachers in an appreciable variety of fields. 

Online Teacher Training courses assist teachers in several ways in their journey of learning. It exposes teachers to tools outside of books and newspapers and promotes a paradigm shift towards online tools and technology which might come in handy more prominently. Doubtlessly, teachers require honest training to perform remote learning. Online Teacher Training courses help them advance the obstacles of technology and move forward effortlessly. 

Although some learners would prefer traditional and physical (face-to-face) ways of learning over online mode learning. But in hindsight, one would agree with the fact that online methods of learning prove to be equally or in some cases even more advantageous than the former. Without putting the distance between learner and institution into consideration, one can easily select the institute solely of their choice based on relevant factors. 

It eradicates the unnecessary concerns of transportation fees, transportation medium, and saves a generous amount of time as well.  

National Education Policy 2021

The chief purpose of the National Education Policy 2021 is to remodel the education system of our country by the year 2040. It is a comprehensive and cohesive structure for elementary education to higher education, promoting vocational training in rural as well as urban areas of our nation. 

National Education Policy (2021 implemented) is the first education policy of the 21st century. It promotes brilliant and intellectual minds to step into the field of teaching and also warrants the livelihood, autonomy and dignity of teachers. 

It also encourages teachers to opt for Online Teacher Training courses, keeping the current situation in sight, thereby, securing the future of young minds of our country. The levels of jobs for teachers have been cut down to four fields, the first one being Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) for teaching up to 12th standard followed by Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) for teaching up to 10th standard, Primary Teacher (PRT) for teaching from 1st up to 5th standard and lastly, Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) for teaching up to Nursery level, as in the name itself. 


National Education Policy 2021 vitalizes new and revised methods of teaching along with the promotion of Online Teacher Training courses for a better and more pleasant future for students as well as for the teachers and their profession. Enhanced quality of teaching will result in equivalently progenitive outcomes for our nation in the days ahead. 

Education is the fundamental stone that will help one achieve their maximum potential and move forward with society. Children must be taught to aim high in their journey of life, sincerely with the light provided by their teachers. They must know the importance of learning and educating themselves in a contemporary globalising world. Our knowledge and experience is nothing but our heritage, as some would call it the soul of our nation. It is something every person residing in our country has a firm and a fundamental right on. 

National education policy promotes the need to recognize and foster the capabilities of every student and steer of the same lies with the teachers. It also ensures integrity, transparency and multilingualism, which is the need of the hour for a country as diverse as India.

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