5 Trendy Blouse Designs You Need to Try

by Era Inventions
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Nowadays, blouses are not just pieces of clothing. But with so many clever ways to wear them, blouses can be a style statement. Design and comfort are the two things that matter when picking a blouse for oneself. 

Ladies love to wear blouses with trendy & creative designs, which they can wear with casual and traditional sarees.

Blouses are available in various fabrics, patterns, colours, cuts and designs. Women can choose their favourite design by considering their preferred neck design, embellishment, back design, fabric or material, embroidery etc. At the same time, they go for different blouse stitching designs.

While people see blouses as traditionally designed, they can make a statement in Indian designers’ outlook on the usage of traditional saree designs and chic and modern styles. Sarees were no longer limited to serving just beauty purposes. They could be more fashion-forward if you took up a bespoke blouse.

Don’t be confined by just one kind of blouse stitching design. Play it safe or go all out in style with these five blouse stitching designs and blouse tailoring ideas.

Collar Neck Blouses

Rock your style and stay cool under the collar with this fashion and fashion favourite of blouse patterns. You’ll love the sleek and stylish choices that are ready for you to revamp the whole look today!

You can go for bright colours or ethnic motif patterns to add style to your ensemble or pair it with silver neck jewellery to highlight the blouse neckline. With a collar blouse in your closet, it’s easy to put together an eclectic outfit for a boho look or carry chunky jewellery for a trendy ethnic look.

Off-Shoulder Blouse 

Did you know your favourite Indo-western saree is also perfect for your favourite off-shoulder blouse? Young designers try to change current trends by combining blouses with unique styles and centuries-old traditions.

Off-shoulder blouse stitching designs are a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. With fabrics like silk, rayon and cotton, they look great with various looks. Each style can be worn from Indian to Western, making a statement easily!

Plunge Neckline

The plunge line blouse design is a sexy and bold fashion statement to make. This design has deep necklines and shows off your figure by flaunting your collarbone or cleavage. It’s a favourite among celebrities and models who love its sexy look.

The plunging neckline makes it easy for the wearer to show her curves. But, at the same time, the design is sexy and perfect for any happening occasion. The plunge neckline blouse stitching designs give your saree look five stars. 

These blouse stitching designs provide you with an elegant look and make you feel confident and beautiful. So next time you are confused about your blouse tailoring design, go for the plunging neckline, which is the favourite of many designers!

Ruffled Blouse

Keep your formal look fresh on the head of the runway with our new spring and summer fashion trend with ruffled blouses! There’s always something chic about pairing a funky saree with ruffled blouse stitching designs! 

Ruffles on the neck of a blouse or sleeves can add elegance to your ethnic outfit. You can also use them to class a cocktail look or farewell look and make it more trendy by wearing a ruffled pattern. A fancy ruffled blouse stitching design will take any outfit from drab to fab! 

Women with broad shoulders are kind of out of luck here! They should avoid ruffled sleeve blouse stitching designs to make them look wider from the shoulder area. But if you are confident enough to carry it, who cares?

Bra Blouse Design

We’re rounding up the list with the hottest blouse stitching designs that you can choose for your next evening party. Want that hint of sass in your ethnic attire? Try pairing your saree or lehenga with a bra blouse design or bralette blouse stitching design. 

The bralette blouse or bra blouse design is the perfect pick for a cocktail or evening party look. You can wear this outfit to a night out on the town or any event you might attend.

Since most of your neck area is bare in this bra blouse design, you can pair heavy earrings or statement neckpieces to rave up your look and turn heads with your bra blouse design.

Where Can You Get Blouse Stitching Services?

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At CloudTailor, they take the hassle out of getting a custom-made item. The only annoyance is picking out your favourite style and design! 

At CloudTailor, they offer blouse stitching services and custom blouse tailoring – which means expert advice to after-sales services. They take care of it all!

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