You’ve spent countless hours and loads of cash to put together your best fantasy cricket team, but you still feel like something is missing… what’s the deal? Chances are, it’s not your team at all – it’s your technique! These six must-know techniques will give you the edge on the competition as you chase daily fantasy cricket glory.

Method 1

Pick a Starting Lineup of Key Players: Starting Lineup is a very important concept in fantasy cricket. In general, it is always best to pick your team’s best batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders in your starting lineup. A good lineup will help you get more points on a daily basis and help your team score consistent points against its opponents. Make sure you have some key players from each category in your starting lineup so that you can ensure continuous scores while also building some depth for when some of your better players don’t perform well on a given day.

Method 2

How to Start a Daily Fantasy League: To create a new league, click Leagues from within your fantasy sports page and then choose to Join an Existing League. You’ll want to choose one with a few teams as possible—like two or three—as those types of leagues tend to be more competitive. It’s also worth noting that head-to-head leagues require slightly more work since you have to find a matchup for every day of action. That can be a bit overwhelming for new players, but keep in mind that while it takes less time than rotisserie baseball, daily fantasy cricket is still going to take time! After all, you’re going up against other people in contests—not computers.

Method 3

Start a group and join a group: This is where people who have common interests and goals come together to share and exchange ideas. It’s very different from just joining an online forum where members come and go. Group members can share their experiences, knowledge, success stories, failures… etc. Learn from each other every day. We all get stuck sometimes, or we get inspired by someone else’s success. Joining these groups will help you build relationships with like-minded people and can even land your next job if you find a good niche community (for example GrowthHackers). Try Meetup for local groups or Slack communities like Slacker Goodies or IRC chats like #growth hacking on Freenode (get an invite here).

Method 4

How To Choose a Good Fantasy Cricket Team Before You Start Playing. The best fantasy cricket app in India is a source of livelihood for many people. Instead of just picking 5 random cricketers from their favourite team, you have to choose one from each position and then determine whether you want your captain from that position too or not. After you’ve made all these decisions, it is important that you pick a balanced team because picking three batsmen and three bowlers will leave your side susceptible if any of them get injured or withdraw from playing for other reasons.

Method 5

Research Smartly, Execute Strategically. Be a good resource consumer. Everyone is a resource, and a book is a particularly good one. There are no musts in daily fantasy. Just do whatever gets you further down your path towards being a winner – even if it’s just getting another way of looking at something – so long as it keeps you from being gutted by an opponent who sees things differently. In most forms of sports betting, if someone else has done all or some of your homework for you – whether they have access to private information or mathematical models – they have an advantage over you. But not so in daily fantasy sports.

Method 6

Pay attention during live games, know your cricket stats: An app like Dream11 or Super11 gives you access to everything you need for a good fantasy cricket game. The key here is knowing how these apps work and what stats you should be tracking for every player on every team. This takes some time and practice, but once you get into a rhythm it will be second nature. Once again, keep in mind that what works for one sport won’t necessarily work for another; just because Dream11 works great for football doesn’t mean it will excel at other sports. Just pick your favorites and stick with them! As new players emerge, don’t hesitate to switch things up if necessary.

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