Camera Angles To Enhance Your Shoot

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Sometimes when we take shots with the best backpack mount for 360 camera it often comes out bland even though what we are shooting may be very good at times it may be limited to the positioning and angle that is why it came out that way. If you are looking for a way to add more life to your pictures you should try shooting in very good angles. Now why are camera angles necessary? By shooting from several angles, it can give your videos multiple points of views so that your audience can see it from all perspectives and help them to understand the scene even better.

Camera Angles

Different camera angles can make different footage depending on how it is shut. For example someone may shoot up close to convey a feeling of getting to see what the subject really looks like or to show more details. Mounting your 360 camera mount and Shooting from different angles makes it easier to edit because you have multiple angles to choose from so you can tell your story appropriately.

Types Of Camera Angles For Your 360 Camera

1. Wider Angle

This type of shot is captured on a wider angle with your insta 360 backpack mounted the right way and it helps you see more of your surroundings than the actual person or people in the picture. It is used when you want to establish or tell a location to the viewers so they can see where you are or where the picture is taken

2. Long Shot

Long shot shows the target full-body. It shows the full length leaving room for little space of the surrounding or environment. This type of shot is done from a distance but it’s not from a wider distance like the wider short above. This shot is used to convey full details about the subject. Correctly positioning your insta 360 one r backpack mount can enable you to capture people or objects with this angle.

3. Medium Shot

Medium-short is done from the waist up and it helps the users focus on this subject and whatever they are doing at the moment. It helps the viewer feel like they are close to the subject.

4. Cowboy Shot

Cowboy shots picture taking pattern is a combination of the Long shot as well as the medium shot. It shows the subject from the head to any region below or on the knee. This shot can be used by camera people if they want to show any significant details beyond the waist line or on the knee.

5. Extreme Close-Up Shot

Extreme close-up shot is one that is done by facing the camera too close to something or someone. A shot like this is mostly used to show or give importance to a particular thing or person. These types of shorts create depth in any picture and draw attention to the details of a photograph or video.

6. Low Angle Shot

The low camera angle shot this time around is done from below with the object standing upright to make it look like your subject is hovering over the camera. From shooting this scene it always shows power or dominance, wonder or mystery from the subject’s point of view.


Camera Angles are just the tip of the iceberg of what real photography entails. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking, skiing or just camping outdoors. Creating good memories stems from taking good pictures and using the best backpack mount.

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